DuPont Nutrition & Health launched a new 2020 sustainability strategy at the beginning of 2017. The strategy reflects a 360-degree approach to sustainability that includes goals for all key business units and functions. It focuses on all three pillars of sustainability (environmental-, social- and economic sustainability) and supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The three pillars are considered throughout the value chain – but the focus might be different. When we assess our raw materials on the social dimension, human and labor rights issues are at the forefront, while at the consumer stage, health becomes a key indicator.

Life cycle thinking and life cycle assessment are corner stones and we have developed ambitious goals for sustainable sourcingsustainable operations, and sustainable solutions.

Our broad portfolio of solutions can help our customers create value whilst achieving their sustainability goals. Our ambition is to be a leading partner for sustainable food and nutrition solutions - enabling healthy and sustainable food and nutrition that is affordable, and environmentally and socially responsible.

Sustainability Governance

As part of our 2020 sustainability strategy, we established a Sustainability Decision Board led by our Business President. The Board is supported by a Sustainability Decision Team, headed by the Sustainability Leader. The new governance structure enables us to leverage sustainability across our functions and business units, and integrate it more directly into the overall Nutrition & Health objectives and performance metrics.


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