SOLEC® Lecithin

Adds more value to functional foods than any other lecithin on the market.

SOLEC® Lecithin offers a variety of products for spray release applications, emulsification, instantizing and viscosity modification for functional foods such as powdered health beverages, nutrition bars or heart healthy salad dressings.

Key benefits

  • Emulsification: Reduces interfacial surface tension between oil and water to prevent separation of the dispersed phase.
  • Release: Forms a no-stick coating between food and contact surfaces and prevents stickiness at the surface of functional foods products like chewy granola bars.
  • Instantizing: Improves the wettability, dispersibility and dustiness of powders.
  • Healthy nutrient: Soy lecithin is a source of choline, an essential nutrient for memory and cognitive function as well as liver function.

Raw materials

We offer various raw material options. Besides soybean, our range also includes non-allergenic alternatives sourced from rapeseed or sunflower.

Clean Label – Source of origin options

The SOLEC® IP range is produced from IP Conventional Ingredients, meaning that the soybeans are produced without the aid of biotechnology, with documented identity preservation at each stage of processing, independent third-party certification of conformance to defined IP procedures, and a maximum of 0.9% adventitious residual GM DNA as tested by our process testing protocols.


Fluid Lecithins
Standard Grade Fluid Lecithins are stable fluid blends of natural phospholipids and soybean oil, and the most unrefined offering in the SOLEC® product line. Our consistent high quality makes these products the industry standards for dependability and functionality. SOLEC® Standard Grade Lecithins are available in unbleached and bleached variations, have AI ranges from 62% to 72%, with low to high viscosity options. Typical HLB of Standard Grade Lecithin is 4.

Deoiled/Granular Lecithins
SOLEC® Deoiled Lecithin products are essentially oil-free powders or granules. They are water dispersible, oil soluble and easy to measure and handle without pumps or other liquid handling equipment.

Deoiled lecithins can serve as multi-functional additives in a variety of applications:

  • as emulsifiers
  • as lubricity agents
  • to improve shelf-life
  • to improve texture and spreadability

Refined Value-added Lecithins
Our Refined Value-Added Lecithin products have been modified and further processed to produce bland, low-viscosity fluids. Flexible for use in a wide range of applications, they can be used as dispersants, wetting agents, emulsifiers, release agents and stabilizers, and are widely used in the food industry for spray release.

Reacted Value-Added Lecithins
Our Reacted Value-Added Lecithin products have been modified and further processed to improve water dispersibility. These products have a wide range of uses as dispersants, wetting agents and emulsifiers and are widely used in the food industry for instantizing.

DuPont Nutrition & Health offers patented, heat-resistant lecithins that retain their light yellow color when exposed to high temperatures, avoiding the burnt color associated with standard lecithins.*

*may not be available in all areas

High Phosphatidylcholine Fraction Lecithins - An Excellent Source Of Choline
The U.S. Food and Nutrition Board recommends “Adequate Intakes” of choline for men, women, children and infants. Lecithin provides a more bioavailable, time-release form of choline than sources such as choline chloride. Lecithin, in other words, helps consumers maintain higher levels of choline in their blood stream for longer periods of time.

With SOLEC® Soy Lecithin, two label claims are possible for our customers’ products, depending on the amount used. “Good Source of Choline,” is possible with a minimum 55mg of Choline per reference amount customarily consumed (RACC); “Excellent Source of Choline” is possible if there is 110mg/RACC. Available in liquid, powder and granular form, these high phosphatidylcholine products range from 30% to 40% phosphatidylcholine content.

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