POWERSoft® - Cake enzymes

Take cakes and other sweet bakery goods to the next level of softness and moistness with our highly specialized amylase.

Your consumers expect you to deliver cakes of the highest quality. They take freshness for granted, and they expect a luxurious eating sensation. They expect you to deliver the magic of a fresh, tasty cake. And they expect you to help combat food waste at the same time.

POWERSoft® Cake enzymes can help you do just that.

Key benefits

  • Superior moistness
  • Delayed staling
  • Softening
  • Add extra body to the texture of the cake
  • Less crumbly cake
Product Benefit Application
POWERSoft® Cake 8005 For low/no fat Sponge cakes
POWERSoft® Cake 8010 For high fat cakes Muffins and pound cakes
POWERSoft® Cake 7010
POWERSoft® 7001
POWERSoft® 7002
For high fat cakes Cakes and sweet goods in countries awaiting approval of the POWERSoft® Cake 8000 series.

Application areas

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