Fructofin® Fructose

Fructose is the sweetest sugar in nature. Found in many fruits and vegetables, fructose has a low glycemic response and is suitable for diabetics. Our Fructofin® is a crystalline fructose made from non-GMO sugar beet with a purity of over 99%.



Fructofin® passes more quickly in solution from the stomach to the intestine than many other sugars.


It can be to 80% sweeter than sucrose, reducing calorie intake without the loss of sweetness. It also has a high thermogenic effect, meaning more energy is required to metabolize Fructofin® than glucose, so more calories are burned up by the body. In studies, consumption of Fructofin® prior to eating has been demonstrated to be particularly effective at preventing hunger pangs. This satiating effect also promotes a reduction in calorie consumption during the meal itself.

Producing snacks and drinks containing Fructofin® may well help the weight-conscious and clinically obese to persevere with their calorie-controlled diets, so contributing to effective weight management.

Low glycemic response

With a low glycemic index of just 19, Fructofin® is highly suitable for diabetics and others following a reduced GI diet.

Studies have shown that glucose levels of diabetics are better controlled on a fructose diet than on sucrose or starch diets. It is metabolized, for the most part, independently of insulin. 

A joint review of the available data on the use of carbohydrates in human nutrition by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) endorses the consumption of low GI foods. Both organizations also recommended that, to help prevent common diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and obesity, consumers in industrialized countries should base their diets on low-GI foods.

Fructofin® can help food & beverage producers to develop bakery, dairy and beverage products that elicit a reduced glycemic response without compromising taste or mouthfeel. Its low GI properties make it an ideal ingredient for sports beverages, meal replacements and cereals, as they help provide a sustained source of energy

Key benefits

  • Flavor enhancement
  • Endotoxin free
  • Suitable for calore-controlled diet
  • Low glycemic index
Product Benefit Application
Fructofin® C Enhances flavors and promotes Maillard browning reaction All
Fructofin® CFP Endotoxin free and complies with FCC, USP/NF monographs Suitable for specialized applications
Fructofin® CM Characterised by fine particle size All, particularly suitable for bakery creams etc.

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