DIMODAN® Distilled Monoglycerides

The DIMODAN® range is based on sunflower, rapeseed, palm or soya bean oil.

These emulsifiers are commonly used in bakery, oils, fats, dairy, frozen desserts, confectionery and plastics.

Key benefits

  • Efficient processing
  • Improved product quality
  • Fat reduction
  • Shelf life extension
  • Non-hydrogenated options
  • Certified sustainable palm-based options
Application Benefit
Bread Softness and shelf life extension. Fat reduction.
Pasta Anti-stickiness
Tortillas, potato flakes and cereal products Easier processing. Improved product quality
Cakes Improves cake batter performance, crumb structure and cake volume
Margarines, fillings and spreads Stable emulsions
Aerated confectionery Improved aeration and stability
Caramel Reduced stickiness. Homogenous fat distribution
Chewing gum Improved softness of the gum base
Halawa No fat separation
Cheese Controlled melting properties. Improved texture control
Coffee whitener Improved whiteness
Cream Improved air incorporation, foam, freeze and thaw stability
Desserts Improved aeration and foam stability
Ice cream Stable structure
Plastics Antistatic and mould release agent
Pet food Reduced power consumption. Increased extrusion capacity. Reduced water consumption. Uniform expansion. Uniform starch gelatinization. Reduced fine particles during drying

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