Cheese Cultures

CHOOZIT® Cheese Cultures are a comprehensive range of products for controlled acidification and for emphasizing and diversifying flavor profiles.

Cheese cultures key benefits

  • Easy to use cheese cultures for direct inoculation
  • Provide controlled acidification profiles
  • Offer comprehensive range of textures, flavors and colors
Product Benefit Application
CHOOZIT® DVI lactic cultures Texture and flavor development All cheese types
CHOOZIT® FLAV Flavor development Hard and semi-hard cheese
CHOOZIT® PC Flavor formation
Color and appearance 
White mold cheese, soft blue cheese and whey cheese
CHOOZIT® P. Roqueforti Flavor formation
Color and appearance
Blue cheese
CHOOZIT® Geotrichum Flavor formation
Color and appearance
Red smear cheese, soft cheese
CHOOZIT® Yeasts Flavor formation
Color and appearance
Mix and smear cheese, soft cheese
CHOOZIT® Brevibacteria Colour formation from bright red to cream orange Red smear cheese
CHOOZIT® Eye Eye formation Hard and semi-hard cheese

Application areas

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