Around the world, more and more consumers are looking for alternatives to traditional dairy products. Danisco® VEGE Cultures enable you to meet that demand – in yogurt alternatives and other plant-based foods and beverages.

Innovate with Danisco® VEGE

Using our knowledge of the plant bases used by the food industry, we selected the best microorganism strains for optimizing the fermentation profile and taste of each plant source. Whether you’re aiming for a fresh, clean and mild flavor or a more acidic profile with various textures, we wanted to make sure that everything is possible.

Danisco® VEGE Culture Soy-based Nut-
based coco-
nut, almond, cashew
Cereal-based oat, rice Fruit & vegetable-based
apple, carrot, pumpkin
Pea protein-based Other fermented foods
Danisco® VEGE 033 LYO


Danisco® VEGE 053 LYO


Danisco® VEGE 047 LYO

Danisco® VEGE 061 LYO

Danisco® VEGE 068 LYO

Danisco® VEGE 022 LYO

Danisco® VEGE 011 LYO      


Danisco® VEGE 081 LYO    


Danisco® VEGE 092 LYO      


Danisco® VEGE C-102 LYO    



✓ First choice recommendation

Danisco® VEGE Cultures are freeze-dried and easy to use. They offer robust and consistent performance in fermentation.

Differentiate your product with healthy and free-from image

Our cultures are composed out of different species – including the highly documented probiotics Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® and Bifidobacterium lactis HN019™. The result is healthy plant-based fermented products – all non-allergen and adhering to all required certifications.

So, if brand differentiation is your goal, Danisco® VEGE Cultures are your opportunity to stand out and grow your share of the fast-growing market for plant-based foods.